These are the rights of Authors and Composers.


All Right Music administers publishing companies worldwide, such as “What A Publishing Ltd” (David Guetta), Rister Editions (Frédéric Riesterer), Revolvair (Air), Editions Gwenwed (Nolwenn Leroy), Musicalco (Robin des Bois musical show)…


We offer complete service for catalog administration:

– Launching of Publishing companies

– Copyright: contracts, registration of works

– Royalties: we claim, collect and verify

– Synchronizations

– Clearances

– Sub-Publishing: we have built an immense and reliable network of Sub-Publishers all around the world.



Neighbouring Rights bypasses both Author & Composer; it addresses the contributions / performances to a recording from session musicians, players, singers, performers and record companies. Since these rights are in the “neighborhood” of Author and Composer Rights, the name Neighbouring Rights was established.


An airing or public performance of a work/song on TV, on radio, in pub/clubs earns a remuneration to a performer, artist and record company.



Our services


We research, register and claim your rights. We verify, adjust and update all databases in order to maximize your rights.

We cover all major territories of the world, with direct collection at source.

We offer complete transparency providing original statements from source.


Our fee


Collected rights are paid within 30 days of funds received.

Our fee is calculated on the income that has been recovered.

No additional fees are applied.